Food Supplies Packages

Many families live under the poverty in Bali, their income is between US30 –US$75/monthly. With US$40 you can support 1 family for one month (rice, oil, noodle instant, eggs, sugar, tea, soap, shampoo and toothpaste)



Let’s Donate
Big or small amounts will always have an impact for needed children and families that we helped.


Give scholarship

Let's help them to get educated!
5 out 10 children in northern Bali always drop off from the school. US$200 will help 1 child for 1 year to continue their studies.

About Our Foundation

Lollipop Bali is nonprofit charity organization, aimed at giving needed supplies for less fortunate families, especially children on the island of Bali to ensure to their continue studies and to live in a decent environment. Through Lollipop Bali, the founders wish to spread the word on these social issues and perform tangible, systemic solutions to make Bali a better place for its children.

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Mount Agung Refugees

More than 5000 people moved to refugee camps caused by the Mount Agung eruption. Right now we are helping 6 refugees camp in Sidemen, Karangasem. Each refugee camp accommodates 100 – 400 people. They share a very small space, covered by tarpaulins, sharing only 1 toilet, without privacy. As the government only provide rice, they need other food supplies like vegetables, meat, eggs, noodles, oil, spices, tempe and tofu. And the children need colouring books, crayon, pencil, toys, books, etc.

“We can do no great things only small things with great love”


Our Programs


Until now we built 3 small bathrooms in Gitgit, Buleleng for poor families. These families had before nothing, they usually used just the pig/ cow area as their toilet and Right now we have built 3 small bathrooms in Gitgit, Buleleng for poverty family. Before, the children have a hard time to take shower, and usually they just use pig/ cow area as their toilet.


We give hope to children in remote areas to continue their education by giving monthly donations for their transport to school, extra activities, and books fees.

Young Learners

During 2015 and 2016, we had a 6 months program of free English courses provided to 15 street kids in Denpasar. Most of the kids were selling Balinese offering/canang, selling petrol and many more.

Red Bag Project

We are actively distributed bags to street kids, orphanages and children in small villages. More than 100 bags have been given to the needed kids. Each bag contains story books, drawing books, toys, pencils, colouring pencil, eraser, ruler, pen, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush.

Give help where it's needed most

The current refugee problematic need all our direct attention. Thousands of families live in desolate conditions. Beside their bad living situation is our main concern their daily food supply and the health of especially the children and elderly people.

Causes that can't wait

Help the Mount Agung Refugees

More than 5000 refugees needed urgent food supplies.

Provide Scholarship

We have more than 10 children queuing for scholarship to continue their education.

Help to Rebuild Houses

They are 2 houses in queue to get rebuild, both houses are located at Gitgit Buleleng.

Become Volunteer

Weather you would like to support us actively on our regular visits or with your donations. In the name of all the children and families we support, any help will be highly appreciated.

Upcoming Events

Taking part in any of our events means you’ll be a part of something special

Refugee Camps Visit

Distributing food supplies and other items to Mount Agung refugees. We will visit this time camps in the area of Sidemen, Karangasem.


Dec 16th

Red Bag Christmas

Distributing Red Bags to street kids in Denpasar and Badung area.


Dec 18th -24th

Gitgit Visit

Distributing food supplies and school fees to kids and families in the Gitgit area.


Dec 26th

Basic training course of Meta-Facilitation

Credibly supply optimal core competencies for next-generation outsourcing.


AUG 21

Tower Run

Credibly supply optimal core competencies for next-generation outsourcing. Interactively scale quality niches with robust core competencies


AUG 28

Courage Classic bicycle tour

Credibly supply optimal core competencies for next-generation outsourcing. Interactively scale quality niches with robust core competencies


AUG 16

Restoring hope, building dignity